BK8 – The Pioneer 0f Online Casino in Malaysia

BK8 – The Pioneer 0f Online Casino in Malaysia


BK8 casino has been a significant player in the online gaming space since 2018. It is well-known in Asia as the pioneer of online casinos in Malaysia. BK8 welcomes players from Asia, be it Thailand, Indonesia, or Vietnam. It has an impressive library of games, bearing more than one thousand titles. More to that, you’ll be occasionally presented with promotional offers to boost your gameplay.

About BK8

BK8 is an online gambling site that offers almost all gaming services anyone would ever want. There is a sportsbook, a live casino, a lottery section, and a live TV to make the experience lively. Therefore, whether you love sports betting or trying your luck in the lottery, BK8 got you covered. The available games are player-friendly, with good winning chances.

BK8 holds a gaming license from curacao. As such, you can expect utmost security while on the site. Besides, you’ll get a fair and transparent treatment once you become a member. This may include unbiased bonus offerings, payment methods, or other player benefits available. It is the work of the licensing body to ensure that the casino follows its code of conduct.

BK8 sets the bar higher for other online casinos aspiring to match its success in Asian countries. You can expect great incentives from their promotions program. It may please you to know that BK8 has one of the well-established loyalty programs for a high roller. Here, you can reap huge benefits in cash and prizes.

Why is BK8 the pioneer of online casinos in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a considerably big online gaming market. Many online casinos strive to offer better services to secure a significant portion of this market. As such, competition is high. Notably, BK8 stands out among the crowd, thereby becoming the pioneer of online casinos in Malaysia. Here are a few reasons why:

Wide game selection

Remember, BK8 is an all-in-one gaming site. Therefore, casino games players, sports bettors, and lottery lovers visit the site to get the fun. BK8 has to ensure that none of these teams gets frustrated. That’s why they have an impressive game selection. Some of the available games include:


You’ll find over 1000 unique slot titles, all from top-tier software developers like Microgaming and Evolution gaming. Most of these games are instant-play, and therefore no download is required. Besides, if one game gets boring, you can try another one. BK8 never runs out of options.

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How Does SEO works?

How Does SEO Work?

SEO techniques are based on well researched data. They are then strategically implemented into websites to help them rank higher in search engine results. Studies have proven that most individuals do not go past the first three pages of search engine results, meaning that websites ranking lower will receive little or no organic traffic. SEO techniques help websites slowly rise in the rankings, making them more likely to see a large increase in their organic traffic.

What Is SEO In Digital Marketing?

In digital marketing, SEO is the implementation of several strategies to help categorize your business, make it easy to find for customers and increase your chances of landing those coveted spots on the first pages of search engine results.

Common strategies used in SEO in digital marketing include:

  • Keyword implementation
  • Increasing visual appeal of websites
  • Ensuring that all images used are of high quality
  • Helping businesses earn high quality backlinks
  • Revamping websites to make them user friendly
  • Content rewriting

These are just a handful of SEO strategies that are utilized by digital marketing agencies. Many more are always in the works, and often companies will only use strategies that are applicable to your business.

What Is Local SEO In Digital Marketing?

Local SEO is another term that is used to describe search engine optimization strategies. Instead of focusing on the website, however, these strategies focus on one particular thing: local traffic. Businesses that have brick and mortar stores often request local SEO strategies to help get more foot traffic into their store. Local SEO strategies might include:

  • Utilizing Google My Business
  • Increasing advertising on the website for in store promotions
  • Registering the business

Sometimes, more strategies will be implemented to help businesses increase their visibility as much as possible.

What Is Voice SEO In Digital Marketing?

You may read this guideline here https://www.geraldming.com/

Voice SEO focuses on increasing traffic from voice searches. When a person conducts a voice search instead of typing words, they often use different words and phrases than they would if they were typing. This has led to the creation of voice SEO.


The Future Of Online Gambling

The Future Of Online Gambling

The Future Of Online Gambling

The online gaming is an industry whose future improvement is unimaginable without the utilization of the most recent innovation patterns. To build the interest of online casino and betting players, producers must be continually mindful of the improvement of new advancements.

The Future Of Online Gambling

Blockchain: another innovation for the advancement of the gaming business

Blockchain is one of the most recent far reaching advances, without which the improvement of the gaming industry is outlandish. This permits you to accelerate and improve day by day money exchanges. Specialists don’t take part in this procedure and clients can undoubtedly get cash with no desire and trouble.

Nobody may hold onto them or take an interest in deceitful exercises. There are numerous stages that give security and exchanges to clients in the most limited conceivable time.


Betting online: accommodation for clients

Most internet games are intended to be played on a PC. Be that as it may, these days tablets and cell phones are mainstream. These gadgets assist spare with timing and are progressively helpful to play. Moreover, makers must make explicit applications for cell phones.


Betting And Sports Betting: Two In One

Consistently there are numerous clients who like to wager on the game. On account of various stages, clients can appreciate the game to the fullest by joining on the web play with different wagering alternatives.


Augmented reality: have a fabulous time without venturing out from home

Contact with augmented reality will permit the future to grow existing limitations. Likewise, computer generated reality is currently just accessible for present day computer games. On account of the improvement of the most recent innovation, players will have the option to appreciate the game without venturing out from home.


Internet Game

Later on, clients will have the chance to play at a Las Vegas casino and, in no time, will have the option to visit any casino in another city.


Online Bingo And Poker

There are two games that adjust to online play as effectively as could reasonably be expected. Poker and bingo are adaptable accomplishments that permit players to appreciate any place they are. Today they claim to a wide scope of players and have a dream to win new crowds, especially on the online casino Malaysia, Mega888.

PCs are productive in moving information between the client and the internet betting web application. There is likewise a little estimation of the information for trade purposes. These in-game tricks additionally propose that it will be important to the whole locale. This didn’t draw in light of a legitimate concern for the players to diminish, in any case, unexpectedly, energized them more. The equivalent is anticipated for what’s to come.


Future Perspectives

There is no uncertainty that land casinos will be mainstream in the following ten years, as clients of online casinos are fundamentally clients in the 18-35 age gathering. This is because of the way that individuals of this age are cell phone clients.

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918Kiss Latest Link 2020 (Check up Here with the Original Download Link)

918Kiss is no doubt one of the widely used and sought-after online gaming platforms in Malaysia. Did you know that it was one of the biggest online mobile slot games in South East Asia as well? It was recently famous as the SCR888 (rebrand to 918kiss).

The platform offers you the hottest and trending games available on the internet today, all available in one place. 918kiss has all types of entertainment, from live table games to fishing games and slot games. Not just this online gambling platform has a vast selection of games for you to select from

, but you can also guarantee the quality across each option is superior.



What Makes 918Kiss Perfect for You?

The online casino has a visually appealing and stylish casino design. It’s simple to navigate, apart from being user-friendly. Players don’t need to be tech-savvy to play on this platform. The controls are totally intuitive, and the drop down menu bars help users pick which category of games they wish to browse.

No matter if you are a casual gamer searching for a place to unwind and relax or you’re a hardcore gamer seeking challenges in gaming, 918Kiss is the perfect platform for you!

Wide Array of Games to Choose from

Have you been in the gambling business as a patron for a while now? Then you possibly understand that each slot game is unique with a one-of-a-kind payout. At 918Kiss, you will find a plethora of games to choose from.

What’s more, every game has its set of bonuses that could be obtained easily. Their slot games have simple to follow the rules as well, making it simple for anyone to understand the entire process of playing.

Everything else will be simple as pie after you understand the rule of the games. What makes 918Kiss unique and the best among others is that they provide a 24/7 customer support team. Hence, you can always get in touch with them even if you do not understand the rules of the game.

Creating an Account

Setting up and creating an account at 918Kiss is very simple. Players like you can pick either register an account on their official website or through their app, which is accessible for download at the app store. Follow the instructions presented at the Register page and fill in your details.

Make sure you pick a username and a strong password for your account. You can then begin depositing money and playing games after you’ve verified your account. Just be cautious that identity theft and false information isn’t allowed at their casino. Doing so will get you barred from the site.

Download 918Kiss Today!

The availability of 918Kiss on mobile devices is much stable today. Not just can you enthusiastically participate in online slot games anywhere and anytime you desire, but you can also install it on your mobile devices! Isn’t it amazing? Wherever you go, you could play at the online casino any time you want.

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slim fit shirt

How to Choose the Best Slim Fit Shirt for Your Body Type

How to Choose the Best Slim Fit Shirt for Your Body Type

Wearing a dress shirt that is too small or too big will be unflattering. A shirt that is too big and gives you a tent-like appearance will make you appear larger than you actually are. Likewise, an extra slim fit shirt that is too small can accentuate the parts of your body that you would rather keep hidden like those love handles. Follow these tips to choose the best type of shirt to flatter your body.

slim fit shirt


How it Should Fit

In order to make sure that a slim fit shirt fits properly, it’s important to know how a shirt should fit. The seam that lines the shoulder should end at the end of the shoulder. If it extends beyond that, it will be too large and make a person appear sloppy. The seams of the arms should never extend beyond the wrist bone. Instead, they should fit perfectly in the area where the wrist meets the hand without being too close to the skin. The length of the torso does not matter provided it is not too short. If it is too long, it will be okay because a slim fit shirt can be tucked in. It’s important that when a person pulls on the fabric of the shirt, the shirt does not have more than almost an inch of fabric that pulls out. If there is too much extra fabric, the shirt is obviously too big and will look sloppy. It is important to know how a shirt should fit to ensure that you look professional.

Keep Your Size in Mind

While slim fit white shirts are always a great option, they might not suit those with a heavier frame. These shirts tend to fit more snugly around the waist, making them a great option for people that have a slender frame. People that have a heavy set middle area or a little bit of extra weight in their love handles might want to opt for a different style shirt or get one a little bit bigger to ensure that their shirt flatters their body type.

Accentuate Strong Points

The point behind dressing for one’s body type is to make sure that you flatter the great things about your body while hiding the not so attractive things. You should button up your slim fit shirt in the morning with confidence, not self-doubt. If you have a slender waistline but do not feel great about it, opt for a white slim fit shirt that has a tiny bit more fabric in the middle. If a white shirt makes you feel less than great, stand out from the crowd with a black one. Select colors that pair well with your skin tone, make you look great and make you feel as though you can take on the world.

Finding the perfect slim fit shirt for your body type is about knowing what your body type is, knowing how a shirt should fit properly, and then combining those two things to guarantee that you look great.

For more information, you can check up https://www.librizzi.shop/ 

Or check up our collection page https://www.librizzi.shop/collections/

Latex Mattresses vs. Memory Foam Mattresses

Latex Mattresses vs. Memory Foam Mattresses

mattress factory direct

Choosing a good mattress can be really difficult since there is an extensive range of foams and mattresses available in the market. You would need to review each mattress and select which one suits your needs the most. Well, there are two most common types; memory foam mattress and latex foam mattress. Confused on which to get out of the two? Don’t worry we have compiled all the reasons you should or shouldn’t get them. Go through them and decide which one is more appealing to you.

The Latex Foam Mattress

The latex mattress has been in the market long before the production of memory foam was even made public. There are two types of latex foams too; pure natural latex and synthetic latex. Many people still prefer to buy from Natural latex company from pure latex mattresses are more durable and long-lasting than a synthetic one.

The latex foam is made from environmentally friendly products like sustainable rubber trees which means that once it wears out it can be recycled; this is what makes people lean towards it. One really good thing about the latex mattress is that it has great cooling capacity due to the tiny holes in the mattress that allow the air to slow evenly. If we compare latex to memory foam mattresses, these are a lot firmer than the latter. Yet it depends on how firm you like your bed to be.

Now the drawbacks would be, firstly that it’s a little bit pricier than your usual mattresses. If you are on a budget or aren’t looking to spend too much on a mattress then latex is not for you. Secondly, the horrible odor of it, especially right after opening the package is unbearable sometimes. It does go away eventually but after a few weeks at least. The third reason would be that not the majority but a certain ratio of people is allergic to latex, so this option is certainly for not that people.

The Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress was initially not designed for public use but for NASA to give comfort to the astronauts. These days memory foam suppliers are manufacturing two different types of mattresses; soft memory foam and firm memory foam.

This mattress type is most preferred by people who want relief from pain and a night of soothing warm sleep. It is made of such material that it molds around your body; this prevents the transfer of motion to the other side of the bed eventually letting you have a peaceful sleep even if your bedmate is restless. The thing that would make you reconsider your choice is, the memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic, it is known for not allowing dust, mites, etc. to linger on its surface. Most back and side sleepers are in favor of taking this product instead of latex, as the foam allows for spinal alignment and prevents sore back.

The disadvantage of this mattress would be that due to the absorption of body heat, it could get really hot which is not exactly ideal for everyone’s temperature to sleep in.  Much like its counterpart, latex mattress, it has a really unpleasant smell to it after opening which could be, if exposed, harmful for children.

Both are somewhat similar, but pillow manufacturers usually use latex because people want soft comfy pillows. Read reviews, pros, and cons about whatever kind of mattress you are trying to buy and to prevent yourself from any kind of regrets in the future.

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Red Compression Pants

Red compression pants…yea or nae? There are some who strongly believe that compression pants are good for workouts while others say that they are nothing more than a fashion accessory. One thing is for sure though; those who wear them report that their workouts proceed more smoothly. Read on about the benefits of compression pants and make up your own mind:

•    The biggest benefit of these pants is that they aid in muscle recovery. Each time you work out your muscles develop small tears and then heal – that is how they grow bigger. The faster your muscles heal, the faster you are able to go back to the gym and put in more workouts. People who wear compression pants say that they are able to heal faster, work out more and therefore bulk up faster.

•    Red compression pants are made out of breathable fabric. To some that may seem like an oxymoron – how can tight pants be breathable? These pants are made out of fabric that doesn’t get hot as you work out and that absorbs sweat so that you can work out for longer.

•    If you have ever gone to the gym in baggy clothing you know just how restrictive it can be; it will get in the way when you try to work out or lift weights. Not compression pants – they are made for maximum mobility and you are able to move freely so that you can make the most of your workout.

•    Each time you lift a weight your muscles come under strain and red compression pants provide them support which takes some of the weight off. You will find that you are able to lift heavier and heavier weights faster if you wear compression pants each time you work out.

Now that you know the benefits of compression pants why don’t you buy yourself a pair and see whether they really work?

The Solid Facebook Ads scaling method.

Picture resource: https://www.yo-kart.com/blog

To have great eCommerce sales is difficult especially if you are trying to scale your business from 5 figures to 6 figures and beyond 7 figures.

It will not be sufficient just by relying on your typical Facebook ads strategy because like most e-commerce, they can be very profitable by just relying retargeting to warm on and hot audience and the real key to scaling e-commerce is through understanding the dynamics of cold audience and strategy to scale them using a proven framework.

The guideline below is how people convert.

Cold Audience

Warm audience

Hot audience.

As we covered this topic before here, once you mastered the game of facebook ads funnel, it will be easier for you to scale your traffic and increase your Return of ad spend.

To scale beyond 6 figures eCommerce business, it’s not just about Facebook Ads anymore.

Below here are the key optimization to grow beyond 7 figures,




Optimising for average order value (AOV) is not easy as most marketers don’t really know how to implement a good AOV strategy, For instant if your e-commerce is doing $ 65, the idea of scaling e-commerce is by optimizing low hanging fruits which 20% of the work will yield 80% of the results or impact.

Learn about NinjaCommerce.co here about eCommerce strategies.

This is where when you optimize AOV, you are not increasing facebook ad spend to increase the sales but a 50% improvement over AOV is almost equivalent to a 50% increase in your e-commerce sales.

Usually, AOV optimization is involved around upsell, downsell and cross-sell strategy.

To improve your lifetime value( LTV), you literally scale your business without spending any dime on paid ads or traffic acquisition. This is the lowest hanging fruit that you can get that yield the best outcome.

For example, your LTV for each user is at $300 but the moment you are able to improve your LTV by 30%, that’s about $390 for each user. It will be the greatest strategy you can deploy and get instant results.

3 Reasons We Love About White Label Marketing Services

Source : https://medium.com/@ShandilyaAjay/white-label-ppc-agencies-are-making-200-roi-for-their-clients-know-how-f8a960508b65

The truth about digital marketing is that many people may not realise that some of their marketing campaigns are actually outsourced to white label agencies specialising in white label marketing services. That’s because the partnership between a digital agency with a white label agency is typically discreet. Can you even recall any agencies you’ve worked with in the past that had told you that another agency was also behind the success of your online campaigns?

We love that white labelling enables digital agencies to market a wide range of marketing services such as content writing, SEO and social media marketing under their brands, to their clients. That means agencies can continue making more money while focusing on other ways on how to scale their business, or improve relationships with their clients.

That said, we can say that we are believers of white label marketing services and we truly love them. Here are 3 reasons why we love them so much:

1. We Can Offer Important White Label Marketing Services Such As Content Writing and SEO

One of the services we can offer to our clients is content writing. It’s true what they say, content is king. Most small businesses now rely a lot on content writing. Good contents (along with SEO) can help your website rank better on Google. There’s nothing more pleasurable than having potential clients finding your product and services online.

The problem is, not all businesses can afford to hire a big team of experienced writers and SEO experts to work with them due to lack of funds, office space and so on. Having a team of in-house marketing experts is also not necessary when your company is still growing. We recommend working with white label agencies instead in order to speed things up.

When it comes to finding writers, it’s not always easy to get writers who can give you the standard and quality of articles you want. Also, searching for the right ones and training them can be time-consuming and costly.

But what if you had another a white label agency helping you? Anytime your clients needed fresh contents, you’d be ready for them. As long as you can regularly give them the contents they need, they’ll stay hooked to you.

2. We Can Continuously Improve Our Brand Image

With white label marketing services, there’s no need to hire more new employees. All we need to do is train the ones we already have. Should our clients needed digital marketing services that are beyond our expertise, we’ll still be able to cater to their needs thanks to our white label partners.

By having a white label marketing services agency doing the job for us, we can focus on other important things that matter to us, like improving customer support, closing new deals, or searching for ways to grow our business — and at the same time, keeping our clients happy by giving them fantastic results.

3. The Absence of Any of Our In-House Staff Will Not Affect Our Workflow

Having a white label marketing services agency is handy especially when there are public holidays, or when an employee fell ill. We also don’t have to worry about looking for replacements should our writers, designers or editors resigned from their positions.

And as mentioned earlier, we don’t have to worry about future recruitment and training whenever our workload increased. There will always be a white label marketing services agency right by our side.

If you’re looking for white label marketing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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eCommerce Optimization Guide to Increase Sales and Conversion

Is your eCommerce business not performing as expected?

eCommerce website owners don’t publish their conversion rates. It’s often kept as a secret to avoid competitors from snooping on their data. Most of the conversion rate numbers we see are usually estimated value due to software limitations.

You, might be wondering, what is a good conversion though?

Picture resource: https://www.ninjacommerce.co/shopifyecommercemarketing

Well, it varies.

Conversion rates differ from industry to industry, there’s no set numbers or goals because it’s contextual. You can only benchmark your performance with the published statistics. If you have the average conversion rate for your niche, you can proceed to increase your conversion rates until you get better outcomes.

If your current conversion rate is below the average, you have to work harder to boost your number. More work is needed to get to the bottom of this.

Take this, an online shop selling expensive gadgets isn’t going to have a similar conversion rate as the one selling $50 apparel. The same is true with a store with an email list of 150,000 hungry buyers. The latter will see greater conversions than one getting cold traffic off Facebook and Adwords

You also have to take into consideration the variables that affect conversion rates.

  • Type of product
  • Average order value
  • Traffic sources
  • Device (mobile, tablet or PC/android or iOS)
  • Location

Besides, the term “conversion rate” is to signify the percentage of visitors who become customers. Although, you may have a different goal that you are trying to optimize, say a percentage of visitors to add a product to cart, download an ebook or submit their email addresses.

According to Statista, the average global eCommerce conversion as of the third quarter of 2018 is around 2.42%.

What channel yields better results for your business?

If you can identify the channel/s that give you better conversion rates, you can concentrate on attracting more traffic from that channel and then start optimizing your conversion rate.

I have helped clients boost their rookie numbers, here are some of the best tips to improve your conversion rate.

1. Identify conversion and sales goals.

Google Analytics is your best friend if you want to find your own conversion rate. Once you have your data, start your analysis from there. Creating a goal is all about going from point A to point B. To pump up your numbers, set a concrete goal to improve it.

What should be included in your goal planning?

Use the SMART method to get things rolling. For sure, you know SMART goals already.

But do you practice the rule? Goals need to be powerful to motivate and inspire you to take action. Hence, they should be SMART.  There are many varieties of what SMART stands for, but commonly it means:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Set specific numbers on your goal. If your current conversation rate is at 15% and aiming to double it to 30%, you also have to increase your current traffic.

Measure your goals by using tracking tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, Shopify and Magento’s built-in reporting tools. Use the right tools to track traffic, conversions, and sales.

Attainable means not shooting for the moon. You have to set goals that are doable at the moment, not in the next five to ten years.

Your goal should be relevant to your big picture. Do you want to increase your conversion rate to support your expansion goals in the next three to six months? Do you want to increase your conversation rate just for the sake of increasing it? It’s your call.

Time-bound is putting dates to your goals. Having goals without deadlines is only wishful thinking. Schedule your tasks and plan using project management software to keep in line with your goals.

2. Improve your on-page and off-page SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO answers this one question: Can your potential customer find your products in search engines?

SEO is all about showing up on Google, Bing, or even Yahoo. The higher your ranking is, the better. Like an ordinary website, eCommerce websites optimized it in the usual way. That means taking care of on-page and off-page optimization such as:

  • Trusted backlinks
  • Right target keyword
  • Appropriate metadata
  • HTTPS certificate (though most eCommerce sites are already secured)
  • ALT attributes on images
  • Submit a sitemap
  • Healthy internal links, no redirects, and no broken links
  • Product descriptions with the target keyword

A lot of SEO tactics don’t apply anymore. If you’re using old tactics, it’s your chance to rethink your approach to SEO.

Getting excellent SEO results simply take time. I’m talking about at least six months or even more than a year to get results.

3. Simplify your checkout process.

If people are abandoning their carts, there must be something wrong with your checkout process. Keep the checkout page simple so there are minimal to zero distractions. The simpler your checkout process, the more they will complete the purchase.

Some tips to optimize your checkout process:

  • Offer free shipping to attract customer to add to cart or order more.
  • Multiple payment options should be available. Use PayPal, Stripe, mobile payment, and other payment gateways to make the purchase faster.
  • Visible payment security seals. Don’t forget to let them know your website is secured and can process their credit card information.
  • Offer guest check out for a quicker transaction.
  • Simplify form fields as much as possible. Remove other form fields you will not need to process their order.
  • Remove page distractions like images and videos.

Keeping your checkout light and breezy makes online shopping more convenient. The key here is to A/B test your current checkout process and see which converts better. The only way to find out what’s wrong with your checkout process is by testing my above suggestions.

4. Increase your product reviews.

Build trust by letting your customers leave reviews and feedback on your product pages. Social influence can result in increased Add to cart > Checkout rate. If potential buyers can validate your products through the words of customers who already purchased the product, they will most like to buy it as well.

5. Make sure you have clear and personalized CTA.

If you like people to buy, you have to tell them to buy. It’s one way of talking to them that you are selling awesome products.

Clear call-to-action uses action words and allows shoppers to know what to do next, like “Order Now,” Add to cart,” or “Buy Now.”

If your call-to-action is on a button, ensure the color stands out so it’s highly noticeable.

6. Never stop reducing your cart abandon rate.

Make sure your cart abandon rates is reduced every month. Say, you have 20,000 add to cart a month, with 70% cart abandon rate you basically have 6,000 sales. If you can recover 1% that means 140 additional sales and your average order value is $100, that is $14,000 more revenue.

You can try the following Shopify app to improve your cart abandon rate:

  • Pushowl
  • Recart
  • SiteKit
  • Countdown cart

7. Put discount and subscription pop-ups.

As part of your cart recovery strategy, you can send follow-up emails with their cart contents and give them a coupon code to get a discount as an incentive to complete their order.

You can also setup subscription pop-ups that provide discount codes in exchange for their email addresses.

8. Send special promotions to your email list.

When convincing people to buy a product, the “more saving” advantage is one of the likely options. Email marketing can produce better conversion rates than social and search.

Consider investing in an eCommerce marketing strategy and email campaign to drive conversions. Compose a compelling subject line with a really good offer, no BS promotions, and you’ll convert your list into buying more from you.

9. Enhance your site structure.

Arrange your product categories in a sensible manner. Use as few levels as possible to allow a user to reach a product as quick as possible.

You can also allow them to shop by lowest to highest prices, by color, sizes, or release date. If they can find your product by structured categories, they will have comfortable shopping experience on your website.

Another power tip is adding a search bar to allow them to find your products easily. The faster they can see your product, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Learn how NinjaCommerce.co builds fast and beautiful Shopify stores here.

10. Analyze and rewrite your product descriptions.

Write a product description using storytelling approach combined with detailed information about the product so they know exactly what they are getting. Online shoppers feel and touch the product and they are not in a physical store to ask questions.

You can also add a video demonstration to avoid returns as well.

In conclusion

Improving your conversion rates take a lot of effort and planning. Creating a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience attracts people into buying. Keep in mind that every tactic is only a theory until it’s tested and proved. Test, test, and test, until you know what will boost your revenue and grow your eCommerce business.