How To Hire the Right Makeup Artist for Corporate Event!

Whether you are organising corporate event such as annual dinner or appreciation day, hiring the right makeup artist is as important as the event itself!

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By having the right makeup artist, he / she would able to deliver not just the right theme, but tiny details of the makeup will be worry-free.

How To Hire the Right Makeup Artist for Corporate Event!

How to choose the best makeup artist for your event.

  • Understand the foundation of good makeup

Before you engage with a makeup artist, first you need to understand what is a good makeup foundation.

Good makeup foundation is crucial because it will help the makeup to shine and looks natural yet long lasting hours especially if you are in hot and humid country like Malaysia. Foundation such as the technique of makeup, the product and mixture.

  • Where did the makeup artist learn?

Then secondly, you need to learn about the academic background of the makeup artist. Which makeup academy she attend and how many years she practises. Very often good academy produced some really good makeup artist compared to other academy that are commercial driven instead of value driven.

90% of the time, by learning the background and academic of makeup artist you would be able to understand and gauge the skills of the makeup artist.

  • What pricing is the makeup artist charging?

The most common selling point for hiring makeup artist is low fee. However most people didn’t realised that cheap makeup fee is not always mean the best service you can get. Some makeup artist spend more than $20,000 dollars just to attend prestigious academy and more than $30,000 on makeup products.

Most makeup artist that charge low fee probably ends up buying cheap cosmetic products and accessories.

When it comes to makeup product, it makes a huge different with the makeup outcome. Some good makeup brand such as Hourglass or Benefit, are far more superior when it comes to the outcome of the makeup.

With the great makeup product, you may expect stunning makeup outcome due to it’s great ingredient.

Try to stay away from cheap makeup product as it will make your skin outrage especially if you have sensitive skins. This usually happen comes from the decision to hire makeup artist that use low quality products.