How Does SEO works?

How Does SEO Work?

SEO techniques are based on well researched data. They are then strategically implemented into websites to help them rank higher in search engine results. Studies have proven that most individuals do not go past the first three pages of search engine results, meaning that websites ranking lower will receive little or no organic traffic. SEO techniques help websites slowly rise in the rankings, making them more likely to see a large increase in their organic traffic.

What Is SEO In Digital Marketing?

In digital marketing, SEO is the implementation of several strategies to help categorize your business, make it easy to find for customers and increase your chances of landing those coveted spots on the first pages of search engine results.

Common strategies used in SEO in digital marketing include:

  • Keyword implementation
  • Increasing visual appeal of websites
  • Ensuring that all images used are of high quality
  • Helping businesses earn high quality backlinks
  • Revamping websites to make them user friendly
  • Content rewriting

These are just a handful of SEO strategies that are utilized by digital marketing agencies. Many more are always in the works, and often companies will only use strategies that are applicable to your business.

What Is Local SEO In Digital Marketing?

Local SEO is another term that is used to describe search engine optimization strategies. Instead of focusing on the website, however, these strategies focus on one particular thing: local traffic. Businesses that have brick and mortar stores often request local SEO strategies to help get more foot traffic into their store. Local SEO strategies might include:

  • Utilizing Google My Business
  • Increasing advertising on the website for in store promotions
  • Registering the business

Sometimes, more strategies will be implemented to help businesses increase their visibility as much as possible.

What Is Voice SEO In Digital Marketing?

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Voice SEO focuses on increasing traffic from voice searches. When a person conducts a voice search instead of typing words, they often use different words and phrases than they would if they were typing. This has led to the creation of voice SEO.