The Solid Facebook Ads scaling method.

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To have great eCommerce sales is difficult especially if you are trying to scale your business from 5 figures to 6 figures and beyond 7 figures.

It will not be sufficient just by relying on your typical Facebook ads strategy because like most e-commerce, they can be very profitable by just relying retargeting to warm on and hot audience and the real key to scaling e-commerce is through understanding the dynamics of cold audience and strategy to scale them using a proven framework.

The guideline below is how people convert.

Cold Audience

Warm audience

Hot audience.

As we covered this topic before here, once you mastered the game of facebook ads funnel, it will be easier for you to scale your traffic and increase your Return of ad spend.

To scale beyond 6 figures eCommerce business, it’s not just about Facebook Ads anymore.

Below here are the key optimization to grow beyond 7 figures,




Optimising for average order value (AOV) is not easy as most marketers don’t really know how to implement a good AOV strategy, For instant if your e-commerce is doing $ 65, the idea of scaling e-commerce is by optimizing low hanging fruits which 20% of the work will yield 80% of the results or impact.

Learn about here about eCommerce strategies.

This is where when you optimize AOV, you are not increasing facebook ad spend to increase the sales but a 50% improvement over AOV is almost equivalent to a 50% increase in your e-commerce sales.

Usually, AOV optimization is involved around upsell, downsell and cross-sell strategy.

To improve your lifetime value( LTV), you literally scale your business without spending any dime on paid ads or traffic acquisition. This is the lowest hanging fruit that you can get that yield the best outcome.

For example, your LTV for each user is at $300 but the moment you are able to improve your LTV by 30%, that’s about $390 for each user. It will be the greatest strategy you can deploy and get instant results.